Elecom JC-W01UWH Gamepad Converter USB for Video Game Wii Classic White JAPAN NEW

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Elecom JC-W01UWH Gamepad Converter USB

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Model JC-W01U
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Platform Nintendo Wii
Manufacturer Color White
Color White
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Type Gamepad Converter
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It only takes a few seconds to manually configure the controls within the game for this product to function flawlessly with Clone Hero. Both the tilt axis for star power and the whammy bar are inoperable, however, the menu navigation joystick can be assigned to either function. This is a fantastic product, and it costs far less than the $60 required to purchase a 360 GH2 controller or adapter for the 360 GH3.


This works flawlessly with the NES and SNES Classic controllers purchased to use with my Windows 10 computer. Elecom JC-W01UWH Gamepad Converter USB was recognized right away, and it was prepared to depart in under a minute. There aren’t really any other gadgets that accomplish what this does, so my only issue is that it seems a bit costly. You must assign each button on the controller to the appropriate frets and other components, so make sure it is connected to your computer.

Elecom Gamepad

You will be delighted to purchase the Elecom JC-W01UWH Gamepad Converter USB so you could use my SNES Classic controller on my Windows 10 computer. It was quickly identified, and you will have no trouble setting it up in my emulator. Only the first works with the adapter. To set it up, make sure there isn’t another controller connected in because it will give player one’s controls to that controller by default. Alternatively, you can pick “assign controller” and press any button. It should switch to the JC-W01U controller from the gamepad. Bind your controller then by selecting it under controller in the very right column.

Elecom JC-W01UWH

You may use it mostly for EmuVR, an application. Utilizes a Series X controller for the Xbox One right out of the box. The only issue arises when using two controllers at once in EmuVR. To make the program believe we were playing two-player keyboard games, You may ultimately use a tool that translates gamepad button presses to resemble keyboard presses. That method worked perfectly; otherwise, playing with a single player requires no settings.

Gamepad Converter

You may use Elecom JC-W01UWH Gamepad Converter USB for guitar as well. This connects straight to the male end of the Wii Guitar Hero controller, which is where the Wiimote would typically be plugged in. Low lag and very affordable pricing. A Wiimote is not necessary. As a mid-tier expert player (able to FC easy songs but only 3–4 star items like fire and the flames), the raphe adaptor seems to be on par with any classic xplorer or les paul. The hardest music listeners could have a distinct experience.


The cord’s somewhat short length is the only drawback, however, a USB female to male extender solves the problem. Running emulators is fun for everyone. You may almost every original gaming system produced, but switching between systems to play your favourite games is inconvenient. You may purchase an NES tiny controller that is the same as the NES advantage joystick. You may require this adapter because I wanted to use it on a PC. Elecom JC-W01UWH Gamepad Converter USB came by way of Japan.

Elecom JC


Windows 10 is all you can make out on the cover. When you open Elecom JC-W01UWH Gamepad Converter USB and merely plugged the cord, Windows 7 immediately recognized it and installed the necessary drivers. Everything in Windows recognized the Advantage controller after you plugged it. Even the original Controller from the Wii was tested out. Works flawlessly.


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Elecom JC-W01UWH Gamepad Converter USB for Video Game Wii Classic White JAPAN

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