HASUI KAWASE Collection Supplemental Revision Ukiyo-e Landscape Art Book


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HASUI KAWASE Collection Supplemental Revision Ukiyo-e Landscape Art Book

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Hasui Kawase is widely regarded as one of the most important Japanese landscape artists of the 20th century, and his prints are easily identifiable by the calmness of their atmosphere and the perfection of their composition.

Hasui Kawase focused almost entirely on producing prints of landscapes and townscapes, which were derived from sketches that he drew both in Tokyo and while travelling throughout Japan. The work that was created before this occurrence is now incredibly difficult to find and is in high demand. Hasui continued to design prints until the year 1957, when he passed away, cultivating popularity not just in Japan but even outside of the country.

Kawase Hasui moon regarded himself as a realist and drew upon his education in Western art to inform his compositions. He made travel and landscape prints as Hiroshige did, but his subjects were less well-known locations rendered with naturalistic light, shade, and texture. These landscape prints are based on rapid sketches, hasui kawase paintings and watercolours that were collected from the natural world and used as a reference. 

Hasui Kawase commons prints lacked the captions and titles that were common in prints of Hiroshige’s age. His subjects were also rendered with naturalistic light, shade, and texture. From the time of his very first print in 1918, Hasui’s art has achieved a tremendous amount of success in terms of popularity.

The year 1952 marked the year that the Japanese government bestowed the title of Living National Treasure upon Kawase Hasui. Unfortunately, the 1923 earthquake destroyed all of his woodblock prints, kawase hasui poster, kawase hasui original prints and more than 200 sketches. Hasui Kawase’s most popular book is Kawase Hasui Collection Supplemental Revision Ukiyo-e Landscape Art Book [JAPANESE EDITION].

This edition of Hasui Kawase’s Collected Works,  has been supplemented with the powerful and effective gravure titled “Hasui and Travel,” which enables you to enjoy Tomosui’s intricate printmaking techniques on a larger screen. Since its first printing in 2013, this edition of Hasui Kawase’s Collected Works has gone through 11 printings. 


This is the definitive introduction to Hasui, covering most of his major works and adding an index (with English translations of the titles) of all the works in the book so that even more people can enjoy it.


Pre-Order HASUI KAWASE prints for sale Collection Supplemental Revision Ukiyo-e Landscape Art Book

Condition of the book (HASUI KAWASE Collection): NEW


Publisher: Tokyo Art
Release date: 2019/7/29
Language: Japanese
Large book: 215 pages
ISBN-10: 4808711532
ISBN-13: 978-4808711535



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