Philips shaver blade replacement [for style shaver] QS6101/50 Japan


  • Planned for flawlessness leads the hair to the ideal position
  • A comfortable shave super lift and cut innovation raises the hair
  • Simply expels your stubble around your whiskers and neck area
  • 100 Percent waterproof for utilize within the shower and simple to clean
  • Easy to supplant heads reset razor update


Philips shaver blade [for style shaver] QS6101/50 Japan


The Style Shaver Double Shaving thwart shaver makes it simple to clean up stubble around your facial hairindeed on your neck. The mid trimmer catches longer, harder hairs and the 2 drifting foils shave everything else impeccably smooth. Trim and shave where you need to, damp or dry. And when you’re done, fair wash it off beneath the tap.

1. withdraw the shaver conclusion of your Style shaver.

2. Evacuate the ancient thwart and cutters.

3. Put the modern thwart within the holder.

4. Put the unused cutters into your Style shaver and after that tap on the unused holder and foil.




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