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“Shinji Wada ARTWORKS ~ Fighting Bishoujo Legend ~” Art Book

This 272-page art book in A4-size was released to commemorate 10 years after the passing of legendary shoujo manga artist Shinji Wada, best known for Sukeban Deka.

Included are color originals of the illustrations for many of Shinji Wada’s works such as “Sukeban Deka”, “Super Girl Asuka” and “Pygmalio”.

Also included are pencil rough sketches released for the first time for series such as Sukeban Deka, raw original picture versions of impressive scenes, concept notes of Pygmalio, special interviews with Shinji Wada’s allies and the raw original picture version of his masterpiece “Stumbling Upon a Cabbage Field” recorded for the first time with all pages.

Table of Contents

Chap.1 Fighting Beautiful Girls / “Sukeban Deka”, “Super Girl Asuka”, “Kaitou Amaryllis”, “Shoujo Zame”, “Lady Midnight”, “Puppet Master Rin”, etc.
Chap.2 Legend & History / “Pygmalio”, “Ninja Hishou”, “Asagishoku no Densetsu”, “Honoo no Tsurugi”, etc.
Chap.3 Suspense / “Alisa of the Silver Hair”, “The Hourglass of Love and Death”, “Orange is the Smell of Blood”, “Bara no Tsuiseki”, “Norowareta Koto”, “Hidari no Me no Akuryou”, “Great Escape”, “Suzaku no Monsho”, “Kyofu no Fukkatsu”, “Shinkaigyo wa Nemuranai”, etc.
Chap.4 Fantasy & Comedy / “Stumbling Upon a Cabbage Field” (raw original picture ver.), “Alice in Wonderland” image illustration, “Kuma-san no Shiki”, “My Friend Frankenstein”, “Arabian Rhapsody”, “Ramu-chan no Sensou”, “Papa ni Kubittake!”, etc.
Chap.5 Special Interviews (Comrades) – Suzue Miuchi, Masahiro Shibata, Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, Izumi Takemoto, Kaoru Shintani, etc.

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