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Feathers, one-shot machines, electric machines / rights, digital pachinko … The

famous machines of the past that everyone was crazy about at that time,

“Zero Tiger”, “Super Combination II”, “Dynamite”, “Fever”, etc.

From the legendary star machine to the stand known to those in the know! A large fever of nostalgia, like a ball full of dollar boxes

in the “Pachinko Golden Age” where tens of millions of fans were enthusiastic


A valuable record of the time when pachinko was the “king of entertainment.”

In the past, pachinko was the routine of holiday dads.

The children were waiting for their return, looking forward to the sweets they gave away.

The shopping streets and parlors along the national highways are all busy, and it’s quite gorgeous.

Looking back on the state of such a “heyday” from Showa to Heisei

, our nostalgic does not stop in the good old pachinko culture of Japan.

The original experience of being taken by my father, the

days when I

was a student who spent my part-time job, and the days when I was delighted to win or lose … I

have no end to my memories of pachinko.

[Main contents]

◎ Feathers

“Zero Tiger”

“King Star” “Red Lion” “Harley Suisei Robo Q”

“Baseball PART2” “Big Shooter” “Lucky Cat”

“Spanky” “The Tokio” “All Star II” “Magic Carpet I”

“Makai-gumi” “Great Cannon I” “Pachinko Grand Prize 13” “Mochiagetai”

“Mr. Fall 13” “New Monroe” “Thunder Dragon GP”

“Tanukichi-kun 2” “Fine Play” “Tama-chan Fight” “Quartet” ”

Monster I” “Stadium” “Super Brothers 11” “Factory”


◎ One-shot stand

“Super Combination II”

“Elex Thunderbird 13” “Parallel” “Prism” “Cupit”

“Pandora D” “Seiya” ” Big Wave I, Megatron,

Starlight II, Beta, Justy, Circus, Anniversary,

Missile 7-7-6D, Magnum, Curtis, Tumbler,

Big Porter, Cup-in, Cup-in “Wai Wai Wai” “Atom II”

“Fairy” “Cyclone” “Oiri”

◎ Electric service / rights


“Battle Ace” “Cosmo Alpha” “Grand Hawk”

“American Dream P1” “Time Shock I” “Fruit Punch” ”

Alegin” “Excite” “Carnival” “Golden Ballerina”

“Soldier” “Rhapsody” “CR Gingira Paradise” “Milky Bar ” “Nana Sea” ”

Magical Lamp” “Space Baron”

“Elex Typhoon 13” “Hard Rock II” “Cutie Bunny”

“Game Legend” “Oaks 2”

◎ Digipachi


“New Fever 82” “Elex Rookie Z” “Idol Seven”

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Publication date:

December 27, 2017

Print length:

128 pages


Tatsumi Publishing


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