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Masayoshi Takanaka Guitar Karaoke
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In the prog rock group Flied Egg under Vertigo, where he played both the guitar and bass guitar, Masayoshi Takanaka launched his professional career in 1971. Takanaka joined the Sadistic Mika Band in 1972.  Following the divorce of two of its founding members, the band disintegrated, and Takanaka issued Seychelles, his debut solo album, in 1976.  Takanaka kept up his production throughout the 1970s and 1980s, putting out over twenty albums and singles through Kitty Records up to 1984 and EMI from 1985 to 2000. He started his own record company, Lagoon Records, in the year 2000.

Masayoshi Takanaka

Masayoshi Takanaka Guitar Karaoke is renowned for his colorful instruments, which include a Fender Stratocaster in gold. Additionally, he plays a distinctive “lagoon-blue” Yamaha SG guitar live performances. He has worked with several different musical artists; two famous ones are Roxy Music and Santana. In 2015, Grimes copied his 1981 song Penguin Dancer for her song “Butterfly.”  In 2019, Young Guitar Magazine ranked his 1979 hit song Bu – Blue Lagoon as the 14th-best guitar instrumental.

Guitar Karaoke

We frequently underestimate how challenging it is to write good music when it comes to superb guitar playing. Masayoshi Takanaka Guitar Karaoke amaze us, tap performances astound us, and new tunings make us drool. That’s all well and good, but coming up with a memorable tune with only three chords is actually quite challenging. Therefore, this post will showcase three very distinct bands with three very different (and excellent) guitar players rather than listing off three shred-heavy albums.



These albums feature elements of prog, punk, and indie rock. I think you’re already extremely cool if you’re familiar with these bands. But even if you don’t, you’ll hopefully hear a riff, a song, or a technique that inspires you to take up a guitar and start playing.


On their second EP, “Masayoshi Takanaka Guitar Karaoke,” the musical partnership of guitarist Nate Sherman and drummer Ty Mayer creates instrumental jams that are genuinely brilliant and colorful. With Sherman’s unusual tuning (B-F#-B-F#-B-F#), the low E string is absurdly depressed by 5 steps. This produces a broad tone range, which is essential to their distinctive sound. The song “March Partition” is where Sherman’s playing is, in my opinion, best described as a combination of tapping and finger picking. During live performances, drummer Ty Mayer keeps time on the hi-hat while occasionally contributing on guitar. The Floral LP, their most recent album, is more of the same and is highly recommended.


Although the band Life In Masayoshi Takanaka Guitar Karaoke is no longer around, they did leave us with this masterpiece of an album of indie rock that is filled with incredible guitar playing. There is much to commend Edward Ibbotson (lead) and Samuel Fry (rhythm and vocals) for, from the fingerpicked arpeggios on “Anna Please Don’t Go” that ache with sadness to the buttery smooth lead lines on “Alleyway”. Although the music and vocal performance could stand on their own, the layered and intricate guitar work on these songs made them stand out in the indie rock/jangle pop genre. Life Amid Film was genuinely accomplishing something interesting and noteworthy in a sea of formulaic indie rock.


No matter what anyone thinks, this Masayoshi Takanaka Guitar Karaoke has incredible guitar playing. Simple? Sure. However, it is catchy, full of hooks, and it expresses many of the emotions with which bands have suffered since the early days of punk. Josh “Pricey” Price creates The Chat’s distinctive style of shed-rock by fusing the elements of AC/DC, Chuck Berry, and The Ramones. In “Identity Theft,” the solo is composed of straightforward pentatonic riffing as well as some very melodic sections that frequently get me singing along. The strongest garage/punk rock riffs of the twenty-first century can also be found on “The Kids Need Guns” and “Dine N Dash,” which further enhance the already outstanding 2020 album.



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Masayoshi Takanaka Guitar Karaoke 2006-2013 w minus on cd Japan sheet music


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