New Cronus ZEN PS5 compatible 2021 version Chronos Converter adapter from Japan


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  • ▶ Connect to different controllers: With Kronos Zen, most controllers can be played on game consoles or PCs. Compatible with all versions of PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC (Windows10), Android, Raspberry Pi, etc.
  • ▶ Keyboard / mouse support: Kronos Zen matches the movement of the stick with the mouse for the best movement response. Kronos Zen has the ability to set the fastest and highest aim, and it also supports keyboards and mice. Easy to do, for example: Fortnite, Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Battlefield, etc. Because Kronos Zen lets the keyboard / mouse imitate the controller, it is not set on the keyboard / mouse server, only with the person using the controller. Compete
  • ▶ Various scripts and macros: Kronos Zen’s dedicated scripts and macros provide a wide variety of scripts that can be used by both general and professional players who can freely and surprisingly operate the controller, and can be downloaded for free. Both Kronos Zen and Kronos Max scripts are available, so all Kronos scripts have been available for free download.
  • ▶ Bluetooth Built-in: Kronos Zen is a Bluetooth built-in, so you can pair it with the Bluetooth controller as it is. No need to purchase a bluetooth receiver.
  • ▶ Headset compatible: Kronos Zen allows you to use headphones with a microphone directly on the controller. Even if the controller you want to use is not applicable to headphones with a microphone, you can use it by inserting a genuine controller into Kronos Zen and authenticating it.


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