NEW HORI PS4 PS3 PC compatible Fighting commander from japan


HORI PS4 PS3 PC compatible

PS4 / PS3 dual controller dedicated to fighting games.
■ Top surface 6 button arrangement Design for easy command input and button simultaneous pressing.
■ LR button switching function You can set the position of the LR button to the best position for fighting games.

■ Import Game- Japanese Version

On a PC, everything runs smoothly. It is tested on Forza 6 Apex and Assetto Corsa using Windows 10; sadly, the vibrate feature is incompatible with Assetto Corsa. Additionally compatible with Grand Theft Auto V Overall. The one drawback is how readily the pedals slip, therefore it’s better to keep it leaning against a wall. really sturdy racing wheel.


HORI PS4 PS3 PC simply needs one USB port to connect to your computer and is simple to clamp or suction cup to a desk or table. Most games will automatically recognize the device and let you plug it in and start playing. On the other hand, some games that lack an in-built wheel configuration (like Grand Theft Auto) may call for the use of a small third-party application. You can easily map the device to a controller schematic using the controller emulator. enabling you to comfortably utilize it with any controller-compatible game.

HORI Gaming

Although third-party controllers are not often known for their high quality, these generally keep up very well. Something inside will begin to rattle if you drop it just a little bit, but it won’t affect how it works. The cable is fairly long, which is excellent. The button mapping and turbo feature are both great. Because the instructions aren’t in English, it might be a little difficult to understand how to use them at first, but there are YouTube videos that explain how to use HORI PS4 PS3 PC compatible. Quite large, but extremely cozy.



It’s a pleasure to use this controller, and you will definitely like where the thumbsticks are mounted. It’s been holding up really well while gamers been playing games on it for a while. the gamers even say the buttons and everything is probably the highest quality they have ever used in a gaming controller (other controllers seem to have buttons that become worthless rather easily, especially official Xbox One controllers that are so darn costly!) It feels very, very sturdy for gaming use.


Despite the name being HORI PS4 PS3 PC compatible, you can buy this product primarily for fighting games. Since attempting to switch back to fight sticks, Many had bad luck with these pads (they suck to carry around at offline events). The first one to succeed will be this one. The d-pad responds quickly, the triggers work well, and it fits my large hands. With this purchase, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

HOLA Gaming

What you will like most is that the digital pad and analog stick are reversed. The stick has the same configuration as the gaming. Even if you have carpal tunnel surgery and the controller was the worst thing ever, but not the HORI PS4 PS3 PC controller, you will always consider it in digital and analog configuration. You may now have a ps driver (which works on 3 and 4) with the same configuration and love it. You can play for hours without discomfort and can enjoy gaming like a glorified DVD player.


The product can bring a great experience for those that want a similar controller layout to the PS4 and PS3 and a bigger controller for big hands. You may feel like cheaply made, but it held strong. Please don’t expect a headphone jack, motion controls, or vibrations. Now if u got this mindset and understand what your getting into you might or might not enjoy this.


Only a few things prevent this controller from being the best PS4 controller you will ever use. HORI PS4 PS3 PC compatible was an improvement over the DS4 since, for me, asymmetrical sticks are better. The sticks have a great grip because they are also fairly springy. I found the stick of HORI PS4 PS3 PC compatible resistance to be just right because it falls between DS4 and an Xbox one. For accurate long-range shoots, the button to slow the stick of HORI PS4 PS3 PC compatible motion is fantastic.


The triggers/bumpers are the only things that you will like most. The triggers are more like buttons, which is fine, however, you will found that occasionally I would stop firing in a game because I wasn’t pressing the button hard enough. The bumpers are oddly formed but highly responsive. The absence of a gyroscope means that games like Detroit: Become Human cannot be played on it. Since few games make use of it, it keeps this controller from being the “end all, be all.”


Another thing to keep in mind is that HORI PS4 PS3 PC compatible might not be for you if you dislike hollow or light controllers. Even though it’s hollow, HORI PS4 PS3 PC compatible still feels well-built. The size feels nice, and all the functions work. It’s responsive and has so far served my needs effectively. a lot bigger than the typical controller.

It’s wired, which can be good or bad, but HORI PS4 PS3 PC compatible is too light because there are no rumble motors, you can’t use your headset with it like a conventional PS4 controller, and the instructions are all in Japanese. Although you may believe most PS4 gamers wouldn’t enjoy wired, you will do. You will be satisfied with your buy overall. You will have the experience of your lifetime.









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NEW HORI PS4 PS3 PC compatible Fighting commander from japan


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