NEW ZOJIRUSHI Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle 1.0L Thermos Hot/Cold Japan


Easy to use in various situations, with a glass type.
■ Easy to carry! Lightweight and compact! The unique design has reduced the vacuum layer to only about 1 mm. Easy to use, easy to carry bottle.
■ “inner surface fluorine coat” + “main part wash OK” Easy to clean, always keep clean! The color and odor of tea stains and coffee are hard to remain, “inner surface fluorine coat”, “body wash thoroughly with good cleaning function, and the bottle can be used cleanly at any time. ※ Please do not leave in water.
■ Insulation and cooling ability is high! “High heat retention and cold storage capacity” of stainless steel vacuum double burrow bottle structure. Keep the temperature of the drink for a long time.
■ It is easy to put ice! “Wide mouth about 5 cm” The wide-mouthed container makes it easy to put ice and keep the coldness of the drink even more.

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