Oyaide Black Mamba V2 Power Cable | 2.0m 3.5sq Polymeric Polyolefin”


Condition : New,2 meter(approx. 78.7 inch) The first generation “Black Mamba” named after the supple, high-speed snake which is the fastest on earth. Designed with the concept of “Power Cable for Contemporary Music Production”, the first “BLACK MAMBA-α” received tremendous support from recording studios due to its flat bandwidth balance, accurate phase, high S/N, high resolution and high resolution, and became a key player in realizing the importance of power supply in music production. The enchanting sound was customized for pure audio and flowered as the first “BLACK MAMBA-Σ”. I got the heart of the audio file. However, in 2013, with the end of the supply of PCOCC-A conductors, the production of the first “BLACK MAMBA” series was unfortunately completed. In 2014, however, its lifeline was passed on to the precision conductor “By “102 SSC”” BLACK MAMBA V2. In order to inherit the concept of the first model that has been thoroughly examined, the structure of “BLACK MAMBA V2” has been inherited from the first model. Please enjoy Oyade’s confident work with a new taste thoroughly polished by the precision conductor “102 SSC”. The basic structure is a new power supply cable “BLACK MAMBA V2” adopting the first “Precise conductor inheriting BLACK MAMBA” 102 SSC “. It has a conductor cross-sectional area of 3.5 SQ with excellent band balance, and provides high-speed, high-power transmission with a withstand voltage of 600 V and a maximum of 20 amperes. A short pitch strand wire twisted at 1.15 times the normal tension eliminates random gaps in the conductor and suppresses sound quality deterioration due to line distortion. The insulating material used is polymer polyolefin, which has an extremely low dielectric constant of 1/4 compared to PVC. The inclusion has a geometric layout of strong and durable flex polyethylene strings. Sealing out noise with copper foil. Adopts halogen-free sheath for audio with excellent vibration damping. Marking “Black Mamba 2 ”” 102 SSC “on the sheath impression clearly shows the V2 model. Structure: 3-core cab tire Conductor: 102 SSC (Hot/Cold) + OFC (earth) Wire Diameter: 3.5 SQ (45/0.32 mm) Insulator: Polymer polyolefin Interposition: Flex PE string Shield: Copper Foil Tape (With drain wire) Exterior: Halogen-Free sheath for audio only Outside diameter: 11.8 mm Rated: 600 V/20 A PSE certified product

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