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Sylvanian Families JEWELRY COLLECTION Sylvanian Families ( Shirubania Famir) is a brand of flocked plastic collectible anthropomorphic animal figurines. They were developed by the Japanese gaming company Epoch in 1985, and a number of businesses distributed them globally.


Using the idea of dollhouses and anthropomorphic animal figures, Sylvanian Families JEWELRY COLLECTION Epoch designed and released Sylvanian Families in Japan on March 20, 1985, marking the start of production. When dollhouses and other playsets were originally released, the furniture was made of wood and the playsets were made of porcelain.


Later editions, however, Sylvanian Families JEWELRY COLLECTION switched out the raw ingredients for plastic and metal. Later that same year, the toys were sold in North America with somewhat altered packaging and figure designs.


Pleasant Friends of the Forest Epoch System Collection Animal Toy Sylvanian Families (Mori noyu kaina nakama-tachi Epokkusha shisutemu korekushon animaruti shirubania famir) was the original name of the toy line. But the Sylvanian Families JEWELRY COLLECTION name was altered to what it is now. Sylvanian, derived from the Roman god Silvanus, means “of the forest.”


A 13-episode animated series based on the show was created by DIC Animation City and TMS Entertainment in October 1987. Both Spain and the UK were big fans of the series. Different nations have changed the name of the television show based on Sylvanian Families JEWELRY COLLECTION.


The CBN Family Channel and PAX TV both broadcast it in the US in the late 1980s and 1990s. Later that same year, Tomy’s UK subsidiary acquired exclusive rights to the brand in the UK as a result of the success in these regions, which paved the way for development into Western Europe. In 1987, Tomy released Sylvanian Families JEWELRY COLLECTION in the UK, where it soon became a hit.


Sylvanian Families JEWELRY COLLECTION had achieved widespread success by 1988, taking home the British Association of Toy Retailers’ “Toy of the Year” title three years in a row (in 1987, 1988, and 1989).

The rights to the moniker “Sylvanian Families JEWELRY COLLECTION” in Canada and the USA were taken away from Tomy, the company that had been selling the toys internationally, in 1993.

The line was re-released by Tomy under the name Calico Critters of Cloverleaf Corners, which is now just known as Calico Critters. Epoch Everlasting Play, LLC presently distributes the Calico Critters line in the US and Canada Sylvanian Families JEWELRY COLLECTION.

In the UK, Sylvanian Families had been abandoned by the late 1990s; but, since 1999, Flair has brought them back. In Australia, Sylvanian families have now been brought back and are now more commonly accessible. Calico Critters were no longer sold by Tomy, but a new firm, International Playthings, now known as Epoch Everlasting Play, began carrying the line.

The debut of the theme restaurant Sylvanian Forest Kitchen (, Shirubania mori no kitchin), run and managed by Epoch, coincided with the toy line’s 15th anniversary in Japan in 1999. The eatery offered souvenirs and toys based on the franchise in addition to cuisine. The eatery shut its doors in February 2011.

The Walnut Squirrel Family was released in 2004 to coincide with the franchise’s 20th anniversary in Japan. Grinpa, a theme park run by Fuji Kyuko, received a new attraction in July 2004, according to Epoch.

Epoch oversaw the development of the attraction, which was once known as Sylvanian Village (, Shirubania Birejji), before being renamed Sylvanian Gardens (, Shirubania Gden). Sylvanian Families Musical:

The Large Commotion Eve Party! (!, Shirubania famir myjikaru ptibu wa dai sawagi!) was the name of the franchise’s first live performance, which took place in 2005 at the Gekidan Kogumaza Theatre. Later, it was made available on DVD in 2006.

The toy line’s characters were selected in 2006 to serve as the national mutual assistance mascots for the National Federation of Workers and Consumers Insurance Cooperatives. A total of 78 million copies of the toys were sold by the conclusion of the year. [4]

To create a 3D CGI original video animation series based on the toy line created by Kji Kawaguchi and Yumiko Muriai and directed by Akira Takamura, Epoch teamed up with Itochu, Nippon Columbia, and Shogakukan in 2007.

Release day for all three episodes was June 20, 2007. More episodes were allegedly planned, but for unknown reasons they were never made, according to Epoch. With a few new products, Flair commemorated the franchise’s 20th anniversary in the UK.

The best-selling items included an Otter boat and a reintroduced Dalmatian Family, who were now sporting “Happy 20th!” party caps.

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Sylvanian Families JEWELRY COLLECTION SET TVS-14 2021 Calico Critters

The white rabbit sister, accessories with Ruby and sparkling linestones are the key to this coordination set. You can enjoy various fashion coordination with the accessories and clothes in this set.

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