Tomytec BM-03 Moving Bus System Motorized Chassis 1/150 N scale


Initial Release:. 13 December Undecided �¡ Support Vehicles Other Than The “Central High Speed Bus Five Set A” Is As Follows: 1. West Body Industries Neo Royal (Eighth Edition, Nishi-Nippon Railroad High-Speed Bus Five Sets) 2 Fuji Heavy R13 (Eighth Edition) 3. Hino Selega-Selega R (10Th Edition) 4. Hino Rv (12Th Edition) 5. Mitsubishi Fuso New Aero (14Th Edition, Jr Tohoku Bus Two Sets A) 6. Mitsubishi Fuso Ms615 (14Th Edition) 7. Isuzu Gala I~Iii (17Th Edition) 8. Hino Ru638Aa (17Th Edition) �¦ Does Not Correspond To Hino New Selega (10Th Edition). �¦ Does Not Correspond To The Curve Road C-001 (C66-30-Ro). �¦ The Mounting There Is A Processing Is Required Models Of The Body.

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