ZOOM EXH 6 DUAL XLR TRS Input Capsule for H5 H6 Q8 U-44 F4 100% Genuine Product


ZOOM EXH 6 DUAL XLR TRS Input Capsule for H5 H6 Q8 U-44 F4 100% Genuine Product
Item Features:
  • Compatible with H5 and H6 Handy Recorders
  • An extremely useful optional attachment for the Zoom H6 Handy Recorder
  • Adds a pair of XLR/TRS combo inputs to your H6, bringing the total up to 6
  • Onboard volume control knobs lets you quickly set input levels
  • Switchable pads accommodate a wide range of signal levels
  • Attaches to Zoom H6 in seconds
  • An excellent way to record bus/group feeds from a live mixing console
Item Description:

Simply connect the supplementary EXH-6 Dual XLR/TRS Combo capsule if you require more inputs. The H5 becomes a four-input recorder and the H6 becomes the smallest six-input recorder on the planet when two additional discrete signals from external microphones, instruments, mixers, or portable music players are connected!


The Zoom H5 and H6 Handy Recorders, U-44 Handy Audio Interface, F4 and F8 MultiTrack Field Recorders, as well as the ECM-3 extension cable for Zoom microphone capsules, are all compatible with the EXH-6 combo input capsule.


Zoom’s EXH-6 accessory gives its H5 and H6 handheld recorders and F4 field recorder two more XLR/TRS combo inputs. As a result, the H5 can record up to four external mic/line signals at once, whereas the H6 or F4 can record up to six. Each input has its own dedicated line-level and mic-level signal processing.


There is never too much input. With the ZOOM EXH 6 DUAL XLR TRS expander module from Zoom, your H5 or H6 now has two more combo XLR/TRS inputs that may be used to connect additional microphones or line-level equipment like mixers and portable music players. The H6 becomes the world’s smallest six-input recorder, and the H5 becomes a four-input recorder as a result!



You can connect up to six external microphones or line-level sources to your H6 using the EXH-6, and up to four to your H5 using the EXH-6. Enjoy the power of a mobile studio in the palm of your hands by plugging it in.


The ideal visual image is captured by professional photographers and videographers using the appropriate lens. Is audio any different, and why? You can always utilize the best microphone for the audio recording you’re producing thanks to Zoom’s innovative system of interchangeable input capsules. The capsules attach quickly and effortlessly, making it possible to change them just like a camera’s lens.


ZOOM EXH 6 DUAL XLR TRS offers a ton of diversity as well: For recording live music and concerts, there are two different X/Y stereo microphones, two different mid-side microphones (one standard and one shotgun), two different shotgun microphone types (one mono and one stereo), and even an expander capsule that enables you to connect two additional external microphones or line-level sources.

Zoom EXH

Dual large diaphragm mic elements are provided by the ZOOM EXH 6 DUAL XLR TRS in an X/Y stereo configuration. It is a fantastic option for live recording and for capturing sound effects in the field since it has adjustable width—choose 90 degrees for a more focused sound or 120 degrees for a larger stereo image.


The ZOOM EXH 6 DUAL XLR TRS input expansion module increases the H5 or H6 Handy Recorder’s input count to give you a full set of six incredibly flexible inputs. The H6 is perfect for multi-mic broadcast recordings like interviews and video spots thanks to this expansion module, which also allows it to accept multichannel feeds from live mixers. The H6’s use as a USB interface is further justified by the EXH-6 expansion, which gives you access to enough inputs to easily track a whole band. The Zoom EXH 6 XLR TRS input expansion’s distinct volume knobs and pad switches for each input make it incredibly simple to use.


Those of you who own a ZOOM EXH 6 DUAL XLR TRS were unable to order the super attachment EXH-8, which would have doubled the H8’s inputs. You therefore get two more XLR/line combo inputs with the ZOOM EXH 6 DUAL XLR TRS capsule. Note that phantom power is not supported by the XLR inputs. However, it now provides the H8 with 8 inputs. It fits your needs perfectly. Our four-piece acoustic band can use all 8 inputs by simultaneously plugging in 4 vocal microphones and each of our instruments directly.

Here’s a useful tip for anyone using the H8 with the music app: due to its small screen, the H8 cannot display all 8 channels at once. However, you can view all 8 channels on an iOS device, such as an iPhone or iPad, provided you purchase the plug-in remote adapter for the H8.


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ZOOM EXH 6 DUAL XLR TRS Input Capsule for H5 H6 Q8 U-44 F4 100% Genuine Product


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