RC30 HONDA VFR750R Japanese book Amazing DVD NEW c1


With the RC30 HONDA VFR750R, created the first actual racing bike that was also street legal, marking another “first” for the company. Road tests, comparison tests, performance and technical data, new model launches, development, specifications, engine blueprinting, the RC30 HONDA VFR750R, and Roy Gildea’s RC30 are just a few of the topics covered.



Honda made a remarkable motorbike even better in 1994 by giving it RC30 HONDA VFR750R aesthetics while keeping the iconic VFR characteristics of legendary dependability, steady performance, and unmatched comfort. The design became less angular and added side panels with louvres reminiscent of Ferrari. A Honda VFR 750 was used by MCN in 2010 as part of the long-term test fleet.


Because of RC30 HONDA VFR750R and its brothers’ legendary status, the name “Viffer” is now commonly used to refer to all Honda VFR models. Should you want to participate in the discussion with current and prior owners, there is a forum specifically dedicated to them.


The dry weight of the RC30 HONDA VFR750R was reduced by 10 kg (22 lbs) thanks to the revised frame, swingarm, wheels, and exhaust, but it is still very much a sports-tourer rather than a sportster. The handling is neutral and predictable, and the ride is smooth. Heroics are only somewhat restricted by the suspension’s softness. But because of that, as well as the comfortable seat and easy riding position, you arrive feeling thirsty for more.


The RC30 HONDA VFR750R exquisite V4 still impresses, despite having less power when it was first introduced than more modern vehicles. The almost tidal mid range carries you along on waves of unflappable power and never runs out of breath. This bike rewards riders of all skill levels with a forgiving ride and a silky smooth power delivery.


The VFR represents the pinnacle of Japanese superbikes. The suspension gets mushy after 20,000 miles, but other than a few bad alternators, the build quality is excellent. Do not be deterred by huge mileages; VFR heads over 75,000 with impunity.

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RC30 HONDA VFR750R Japanese book DVD c1

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